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Keeping a check on your hard disk health helps prevent the loss of irreplaceable files. After all, a failure could happen at any time. While you can’t prevent any manufacturing defects, treating your PC as if it’s the only one you’ll ever have can help extend your hard drive’s lifespan by a year or more. If you’re already noticing issues, though, it’s too late and time to back up your data and either get a new hard drive or a new PC. For this purpose, CrystalDiskInfo is a really simple, yet powerful, tool.

So this has been Fixed the bad pool header error in Windows 8, 10. If you have any feedback about this article or would like to share your own experience fixing this error, please leave us a message in the comments section below But if you have more than one external device, then you will need to check one by one. You will need to plug them all back in one by one. Each time you plug in a device, you will need to restart your computer to check until you have identified the device that is causing the error. Updating the drivers will get rid of this error.

Method 4: Scan PC for malware

That said, Hiren’s BootCD is still a highly valuable tool for older computers. There’s also an option to check if the selected drive is marked as dirty. Multiple drives can be selected at once with drag or Shift/Ctrl+click. Make sure to run the tool as administrator so it can function correctly. We recommends that you run CHKDSK a second time if any errors or bad sectors are found on the disk.

I didn’t bother with a backup since I’m really not losing much data. I just need to be able to use firefox for school. I tried installing the 32 bit version, but unfortunately, it refuses to load. If you are having problems with a BSOD specifically when trying to update your PC’s Windows software, then a Windows tool called SetupDiag can help.

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Blue Screen of Death is an error which stops the normal working of a computer and forces it to restart. Sometimes the Windows may recover from the blue screen of death after a reboot. But if this error was so easy to fix, then you probably wouldn’t be here for a solution. Blue Screen of death is a name given to the errors which halt the system and not let it boot properly.

Scan for Malware– There could be dangerous malicious software that is causing your blue screen of deaths. If it’s there, it could be hiding somewhere in the Windows kernel. The best solution is to scan your PC for malware and delete malware and viruses. Remove any hardware or drivers that were installed recently to see if they are causing the issue.

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